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Global Frontier Lecture
UCLA Entertainment Business Management Program

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주제: 문화산업 글로벌 비즈니스 환경 이해 및 프로젝트

교육 일시 및 장소

. 교육 날짜 : 2006년 4월26일 ~ 5월11일(매주 수,목요일)
. 교육 시간 : 14:00~18:00 (1일 3~4시간)
. 교육 장소 : (재) 대구디지털산업진흥원 본관1층 대강당

대상: 관련전공학생 및 문화콘텐츠산업리더 ,참여기관,참여기업
       문화콘텐츠관련기업 임직원- 공개강좌로 진행

나. 강사진

강사:UCLA Entertainment business Management 전공 교수 및 전문가

각 부문별  3명의 강사진 중 택일

“Entertainment Business Management”

* Doug McClure is an entertainment attorney whose most recent position was at 2929 Productions LLC, a financing, production and sales entity owned by Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner, in January of 2005.  There, Mr. McClure’s responsibilities included negotiation and drafting of financing documents, underlying rights agreements and talent agreements, day to day production supervision, corporate financings and negotiation and drafting of domestic and foreign licensing agreements.  Prior to that, Douglas spent 10 years with First Look Media, Inc. (formerly known as Overseas Filmgroup, Inc.).  His responsibilities there included negotiation and drafting of domestic and foreign licensing agreements, negotiation and drafting of acquisition agreements, project and corporate financings, production legal work and general corporate legal matters.  Douglas was admitted to the California State Bar in 1995.  He is a member of the Intellectual Property Section, the Entertainment Section and the Business Law Section of the California State Bar.   Douglas has taught various courses in the UCLA Extension Program.

* Judith Merians is President of Fireproof Careers Workshop.  A published author, Judith’s former positions include Senior Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs, Regent Entertainment; COO, The Hollywood Experts Online; literary agent, Media Artists Group; Senior Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs, Saban International; assistant general counsel, Warner Bros.; and Director of Business Affairs, Paramount Pictures Corporation.

* Stephen Monas is an entertainment lawyer and executive with over 20 years in the entertainment industry.  Mr. Monas founded Business Affairs, Inc. in July of 1999, with just one client.  Since that time, Mr. Monas has built the list of BAI’s clients to over 200 of the most respected names in the independent motion picture and television industries, and has represented producers, distributors and financiers in every aspect of the entertainment business.  Before founding BAI, Mr. Monas served as Executive Vice President and head of Business Affairs for MDP Worldwide, President of Vision International, Vice President of Business Affairs with Vestron Pictures, and as an associate with New York firms Frankfurt Garbus Klein & Selz, Pavia & Harcourt, and Brown & Wood. Mr. Monas received his J.D. from Columbia University in 1981, and is admitted to practice in both New York and California.

“Entertainment Business Marketing”

* Elizabeth Gelfand-Stearns is currently Senior Vice President for Franchises Strategy and Management, The Brand Group, Universal Pictures.  Ms. Gelfand was formerly senior vice president of marketing at Universal Studios Consumer Products Group.  Ms. Gelfand works to maximize Universal's assets with the goal of building brands for the studio.

* Ken Markman is CEO of KKM Global Brand Strategies, a diversified brand strategy and licensing management company specializing in marketing, management, and monetizing entertainment and media brands and intellectual properties across all channels of distribution and existing and emerging new media.  Client categories include motion picture studios, production companies and producers, wireless technology carriers, corporate trademarks and brands, international government agencies, licensing agents, multinational intellectual property owners, and advertising agency holding companies.  Mr. Markman's career spans the marketing of over 400 motion pictures. He has held senior marketing positions at Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, MTM Entertainment, J. Walter Thompson Advertising Agency, and Mattel Toys. He also is the author of the soon-to-be-published book BrandCulture.

* Steven Stamstad is a marketing and content consultant specializing in digital entertainment and new media opportunities for content & entertainment programming.  A former executive with The Walt Disney Co., he is currently a consultant for such clients as Disney, Paramount Pictures, Ogilvy & Mather advertising agency, Palm Inc., Mobile Digital Media and others, developing content and their related market strategies for distribution on wireless devices, computer broadband and interactive television platforms.  He is a graduate of USC Cinema; BA, Production; MFA, Motion Picture Producing & Marketing (Stark Program).

“Entertainment Business Trends”

* Robert Dowling is the former Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of The Hollywood Reporter, the entertainment industry's premier daily trade publication.  Dowling's unique publishing background has spanned more than three decades of successful leadership and experience in publishing and entertainment, sports marketing, technology, international and other arenas.  He has created and launched five profitable magazines, pioneered an advertising sales and publishing management program, produced conferences and seminars for marketing executives and developed a TV talk show.  The recipient of several publishing honors over the years, Dowling became the first publisher ever to receive the Foundation of Motion Picture Pioneers' prestigious Pioneer of the Year award in 2000.  He has also earned the respected American Business Media's Crain Award for his distinguished editorial career.  In 2000 Dowling was invited to Washington D.C. to brief members of the White House Cabinet on the entertainment industry for the Office of National Drug Control Policy.  He has taught a course at UCLA and lectured at USC and Loyola Marymount.

* Martin Grove has focused on Hollywood for over 25 years in a wide range of print, television and radio activities and is one of the film industry's best known and most influential experts.  Grove's twice weekly column "Filmmaker Focus" has been an exclusive feature of The Hollywood Reporter since February 2000.  Grove has been talking about movies on CNN since October 1989.  He was seen worldwide on CNN's "ShowBiz Today" from 1989 through January 2001 when the series ended.  Since then Grove has commented about movies for such CNN programs as "ShowBiz Today Reports," "Lou Dobbs Tonight," "Moneyline," "The Dolans Unscripted" and the Headline News series "Showbiz Tonight."

* Stuart Volkow is a strategic technology consultant and contributing editor to the CMS Newsline, specializing in digital media technology trends and design and development of software.  Mr. Volkow is also the producer of video games, multimedia CD-ROMS, industrial videos, and television programs.

* All instructors subject to availability.

다. 커리큘럼

-교육 일정 및 강의 분야

Entertainment Business Management
- 성공적 협상전략
-M&A와 전략적 제휴
- 창의성 경영
- 소비자 만족
- 사업계획과 실행
- 제안서 작성과 프리젠테이션 기술

Global Marketing
- 브랜드 마케팅전략과 사계
- 글로벌 마케팅전략과 사례
- 감성 마케팅저략과 사례
- 소비자 지향 마케팅
- 미디어를 통한 PR전략

Entertainment Business Trend
- 애니메이션/만화산업의 환경과 사례
- 영화산업의 환경과 사례
- 캐릭터산업의 환경과 사례
- 방송산업의 환경과 사례
- 게임산업의 환경과 사례
- 모바일 콘텐츠 개발 사업환경과 사례
- Edutainment 산업의 환경과 사례
- 문화기술산업의 환경과 사례
- 뮤직.공연산업의 환경과 사례

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