2011 National Conference
관리자    2011/04/20 15:29:23

  일시 : 20115 14일 토요일 (11 30분 – 12 20)

  장소 : KAIST Creative Learning Building (대전)

  주제 : Advancing TESOL in the 21st Century by Simply Doing Less

  Presenter : Kevin Giddens

  요약 : Is it possible that our students might learn more if we simply do less? As teachers and teacher trainers we generally focus on what to do in order to best serve our students learning in the classroom. Action research, reflective practice and experiential learning tend to focus on creating and solving action points related to teaching and learning. In this presentation the presenter will share and we will explore his concept of Do-Nothing Teaching (DNT), which encourages us to focus on non-action points and to experiment with what we might not do in the best interest of our learners.  The presenter will share examples from his own and others teaching that demonstrate the value of DNT as a form of reflective practice. He will guide us through a simple three step process of critical questioning that will becoming a process of peeling away unnecessary pedagogical practices as a means of enhancing our students learning. Finally he will argue that DNT and reflective practice in general should lead our vision for 21st Century English teaching and learning .