In order to be accepted into the course, applicants must:
1) possess a BA degree or be an undergraduate student who will graduate soon
2) show interest in teaching ESOL at a level that SIT BP TESOL Certificate can support
3) have a positive attitude regarding experiential activities and working in groups. This means that they
are not only willing to fully participate in such activities, but also recognize the value in doing so.
4) demonstrate English language proficiency (minimum TOEFL 530, TOEIC 730, TEPS 650)
5) upon receipt of the written application, an interview will be conducted by SIT Trainer

Fill out and submit the written application and submit it to UCC center.
Following will be about 30-minute (phone) interview.
Upon acceptance a letter of acceptance will be issued and a KW500,000 non-refundable deposit will be
due to secure a place in the course.

Participants are expected to attend all course sessions. Those who know in advance that they are unable to attend the whole course cannot be accepted. (In case of full intensive course, Participants should understand that the course is a full time endeavor. In order to complete the demands of the course successfully, participants should not expect to be able to work or attend to other commitments during the course.)
In the event of a serious illness or emergency, participants should notify a trainer as soon as possible. The participant must make up all missed work and practice teaching.
The first 18 hours/two days of the course cannot be missed. If this should occur, the participant must withdraw.
If the participant must take a prolonged absence (more than 18 hours) s/he must withdraw from the course. If the absence is due to medical reasons or family emergency and s/he can provide a doctor’s certificate confirming the situation, the participant can start another course within 2 upcoming courses without payment of further fees. There will be no refund.
If the participant has missed more than 18 hours of the course, has been unable to meet criteria for receiving the certificate, i.e. not completing practice teaching requirements (6 hours of individual practice teaching) in the SIT BP Certificate course, or not completing written assignments, no certificate will be granted.

The following policies apply to TESOL Certificate courses run by TESOL Training Worldwide

1. Pre-Course Decision Not to Attend
If a participant decides not to attend a course for whichs/he has been accepted, s/he may apply the KW500,000 non-refundable deposit towards another course within 12 months, provided UCC Center. Otherwise the deposit is non-refundable.

2. Return of Deposit
If an applicant is not accepted or the course is cancelled due to low enrollment, the KW 500,000 deposit will be returned. The KW 50,000 application fee is non-refundable.

3. Decision to Withdraw Within First Two Days
If a participant withdraws, or is asked by trainers to withdraw because sessions/days were missed in the first two days of the course, s/he can receive half of the tuition payment back, minus the KW 500,000 non-refundable deposit.

4. Decision to Withdraw Within First Two Days Due to Language Difficulties

Non-native speakers who decide to withdraw from a course in the first two full days due to language difficulties will also receive half of their tuition back minus the non-refundable deposit.
5. Decision to Withdraw After First Two Days
here will be no tuition refunded after the first two full days of the course.

6. Decision to Withdraw Due to Serious Medical Reasons or Emergency
If a participant must withdraw mid-course for serious medical reasons or because of a family emergency, and can provide a doctor's certificate confirming the situation, s/he can re-enroll within 2 upcoming courses without payment of further fees. There will be no refund.