SIT TESOL Certification Course
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SIT TESOL Certification Course

        Teachers' training program for ESL teachers
      - Offered in DAEGU, SEOUL
      - CERTIFICATE is issued by SIT (School for International Training)
        of Brattleboro, Vermont (
      - From Feb. 1 to 28, 2006
      - Course hours: 130
      - Monday - Friday for 6-8 hours a day
      - Application Fee: 50,000 Korean Won (about $50)
      - Tuition Fee: 2,100,000 Korean Won (about $2100)
      - Contact: Anna Omps or Gloria Kim at OR
                 OR call 053-625-6123, 010-666-0390
      - Enrollment Period: Dec. 14, 2005 - Jan. 14, 2006
      - Program Site: UCC Center

General Information
   ◆ SIT- The School for International Training (located in Brattleboro, Vermont) is the school that issues the certificate. SIT is a partnership of the University of Cambridge and the University of Queensland. Their programs work in tandem with the CELTA programs.

Program Information
   ◆ SIT TESOL's Educational Focus is LEARNER-CENTERED:
       ▲It uses 'Experiential Learning' techniques
       ▲It uses 'Reflective Teaching' methodology
       ▲It uses 'Learner Centered Needs/Motivation' training
      Organized in Modules: Learning Module; Speaking Module; Teaching Module; Listening Module; Grammar Module (touched on only briefly); Reading Module and Classroom Management Module

This internationally recognized TESOL Certificate benefits students and teachers alike. Students receive a better education because their teacher is well trained and informed in the most effective techniques and methodology. And, the teacher achieves greater results, garners more respect and receives increased monetary benefit from their commitment to ESL excellence.