Best Practices in TESOL
Designed for either pre-service or in-service professional development, the Best Practices in TESOL certificate course is designed is designed to enhance English language teacher's understanding of principles underlying effective language teaching practices and successful implementation of best practices in supporting student learning. The course is designed to develop teachers' competency in planning for, delivering, and rigorously reflecting on learning-centered lessons.

• 180 hours duration (run in 5-week intensive or longer extensive formats)
• 1 trainer-to-10 course participant ratio, maximum
• On either participation or pass-fail basis
• workshop sessions, supported lesson planning, practice teaching
• Minimum trainer-observed practice teaching per participant : 3-5*45-50 min lessons
• Minimum average authentic English language practice Teaching students : 8 per lesson
• Lesson planning, written assignments and readings required
• Required minimum English proficiency : strong Common European Framework, B1 level

participants will:
• Enhance their ability to deliver effective EFL instruction entirely in English with greater confidence and skill
• Articulate their understanding of what helps and hinders learning in a learning-centered communicative English language classroom
• Understand and be able to explain principles and theories underlying effective lesson planning and teaching in learning-centered communicative classrooms
• Develop the ability to reflect on the effectiveness of their own and other's teaching with improved skills of description, analysis, hypothesis, and
planning for future lessons
Formulate and achieve goals for improving their EFL instruction and be able to integrate key learnings into their practice

• Learning and Teaching
• Lesson Planning and Language Analysis
• Teaching the Four Skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing)
• Assessment
• Culture